What is Your Brand?


When I have participated in or provided the framework
for a company to conduct a brand discovery,
I am often amazed by how differently people
view their business and place in the world.

This article by Madeleine Lewis of Virgin Unite made me think of this.


I don’t think you have to feel the need to change the world in such a dramatic fashion,
but it is definitely cool to have that passion and unique focus.
On the other end of the spectrum, it’s essential to think beyond being a commodity.

Often, when people have been in business for a long time, and are consumed by the daily operation,
it is easy to settle in and think of themselves as providing a commodity, with little to talk about.
It’s generally not a question of what is being offered, but how, and to what end.

The value of engaging in brand discovery, or rediscovery,
is unearthing and articulating what is special about you.
Think back.
How did your company begin?
What strengths and values drove its inception?
What made your business different and distinct from all others?
How has that played out over time?

At PAKAN, we understand the value of creating a unique face and voice for a company.
Good creative comes from having a real story to tell.
A rich narrative about your company, its values, and how you affect the world
will give you a unique position in the marketplace.
It will also give you something to aspire to every day.

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