Slow Down to Speed Up

With access to technology 24/7, and if you run a business, access to you 24/7, how do you ever get off the cycle of one day to the next to consider maybe next week, or even next year?

Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. This idea sounds counter to everything you’ve ever been told or shown. By slowing down, I’m not talking about productive time elongated to suit some creative fancy as the solution. By slowing down, I mean developing a larger mental picture of your business — why it was started and where it is going.

Simply put, by slowing down enough to remember the really good and perhaps altruistic motives attached to your particular business or industry, a communications professional can create an optimistic and personal way to talk about your company.

Such a professional can help your company articulate its brand promise with clarity and brevity. This can then be used as a unifying point for creative development. This is where the storytelling begins.

At PAKAN, we recommend you slow down enough to have a workshop with all key leaders in your company. It creates an opportunity to really hash out a clear direction. This is invaluable to content and brand development.

Slowing down at the front end minimizes short-term, reactive thinking. It allows us to build a solid and more pervasive brand foundation which will work for the web, mobile, social, print, outdoor, or wherever your customers are. This will help you build a solid, long term, recognizable brand. After we are clear on the big brand issues, you will see how communications can then speed up.

We encourage you to resist the idea that you don’t have time to really think about your brand/business position, and that you’ll do it later. That doesn’t make much sense.

How many times do you get to make a big first impression?

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